Secure your perimeter and reduce false alarms

Protection starts at the perimeter of your facilities and 3xLOGIC’s VERA advanced imaging line gives you an edge where it matters.  Using thermal imaging combined with intelligent video analytics, 3xLOGIC provides a reinforced layer of security for perimeter intrusion detection and perimeter alarms ideal for car dealerships, construction equipment storage sites or any location with critical infrastructure.
Managed access control and Intrusion detection combined with intelligent video analytics can augment more traditional CCTV systems using a triggered alert associated with a defined zone or camera’s field of view.  Perimeter protection can prevent external threats from entering your premises as well as provide detailed solutions for managing person or vehicular traffic in and out of your facility.
The primary function of this perimeter protection is to detect potential intruders from approaching or entering the perimeter of your facility. As a whole the system provides an alarm generated from Video Analytics and associated video/audio providing the location of an intruder in the event of a breach, this can be additionally enhanced with video verification to a central station or push notifications to your mobile device.  

With 3xLOGIC perimeter protection solutions we can provide advanced object classification allowing for the minimization of nuisance alarms caused by inanimate objects or clutter, animals and shadows. Perimeter protection from 3xLOGIC can assure total security of a buildings no matter what type of business you run.