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Employee theft is one of the single largest causes of shrinkage in retail environments today. Millions of dollars disappear from Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in retail stores on a daily basis due to fraudulent or criminal employee activities. The ability to effectively detect and deter cashier-related shrinkage is a top priority for retailers worldwide. One way that retailers are confronting this epidemic is by identifying the telltale patterns of these crimes so called POS exceptions.

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POS exceptions are transactions that differ from the norm. These can include manually entered values, voids, or ''no sales'' which could be a sign of system manipulation. 3xLOGIC's VIGIL Point-of-Sale (V-POS) lets you run queries on your POS transactions based on date, time, camera, transaction type, value, item code, cashier, or receipt number and view results along with video of the those transactions. V-POS can generate POS exception reports automatically based on user-defined exceptions for heightened insights into your operation.

By establishing a set of user-defined and flexible exception-based rules within VIGIL Point-of-Sale, Loss Prevention (LP) investigators can receive real-time alerts anytime that events or actions fall outside of these parameters. In this way, Loss Prevention can not only increase its effectiveness, it can begin to transform itself from a reactive to a responsive, proactive resource for the entire organization. Now LP departments can leverage transactional data and surveillance video to identify trends and capture details that can lead to improved loss prevention, as well as improved operational efficiencies and overall store performance.

  • Can be configured to automatically look for specific POS exceptions such as voids or "no sales" specific to a cashier.
  • Can be configured to monitor events and alert investigators when a questionable event is detected.
  • POS data is synchronized with corresponding video data for a complete picture of the transaction.
  • POS records can be viewed live or remotely via VIGIL Client or View Lite mobile apps.
  • Over 150 POS integrations in library.
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