VIGIL Client Lite for Mac DV Player

VIGIL DV Player provides an easy and intuitive way to view 3xLOGIC's exclusive MJP video format, which offers increased quality with reduced file sizes over many commonly used formats. In addition to all regular video viewing features the DV Player also support a side window display for embedded POS data, options for marking sections of video and exporting them as either MJP or MP4, and also the ability to authenticate the authenticity of the video to verify that no tampering or corruption has occurred.

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Features of the VIGIL Client Lite for Mac DV Player:

  • Play or review MJP videos in their native resolution
  • Mark sections of video and export them as either MJP or MP4
  • Authenticate MJP videos to verify that no tampering with the video file has occurred
  • Convert MJP videos to the MP4 video format
  • Rewind, Fast Forward, or Scrub through the video timeline
  • Play frame by frame or pause to verify details
  • Print snapshots of the video
  • View embedded POS data in a side window
  • Save the POS data to a local file