VIGIL Client Lite for Mac

VIGIL Client Lite for Mac provides apple users the ability to view remote and/or local live and playback viewing of all video collected by a VIGIL Server natively within the Mac OS.  There's no need to install expensive 3rd party applications or spend the time installing and configuring a dual boot environment to support Windows. With advanced search capabilities like motion-based Smart Search and the continued support for Rapid Stream and Substream video compression, investigations can be done remotely and efficiently natively from the Mac OS desktop, allowing for more investigations to be completed during a shift.

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VIGIL Client Lite for Mac supports:

  • Support for MJP file export for playback video
  • Support for “DVR login” mode when using a VCM Server
  • Support for live AudioTalk
  • View live streams for up to 36 cameras across multiple VIGIL servers
  • Use VIGIL Connect or Direct IP to connect to multiple VIGIL servers or standalone cameras
  • Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom support through the Live View window
  • Instant playback to quickly view the last 5 minutes of video
  • Search playback based on date and time
  • Export Jpeg snapshots or MP4 videos
  • Smart Search support
  • VIGIL Central Management (VCM) Support – VCM users can easily populate and load managed VIGIL Servers