VIGIL Central Management
VIGIL Central Management (VCM) Dashboard
VIGIL Central Management Server (VCM) Server Interface
VIGIL Central Management (VCM) Health Monitor Interface

VIGIL Central Management


VIGIL Central Management (VCM) provides the ability to monitor the status of VIGIL Servers and V-Series cameras. Designed with the integrator in mind, VCM allows you to proactively inform your end users of any potential health concerns with their VIGIL Servers or cameras. 

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Every integrator has had to have that awkward conversation: “We’re sorry, but we don’t have video of the incident because the camera has been down for a month.” With VCM, you will know when the status of a customer’s VIGIL Server or cameras change, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve any potential issues. Created to add value in any scenario, VCM can be deployed for a single, enterprise-level project or can manage thousands of single or multi-location end users on the same system.

  • Monitor the health of your 3xLOGIC VIGIL appliances: „
    • CPU utilization
    • „Number of active cameras
    • „Video footage data ranges
    • „Storage capacity and days of video storage
  • ƒRemotely deploy software updates and configuration changes
  • ƒCentrally control Server users and their permissions on any or all connected Servers
  • ƒDynamically populate VIGIL Client’s Server list
  • ƒReceive warning notification on system health through VCM Client or via text/email
  • ƒPull camera snapshots to check field of view without logging into every Server and camera
  • ƒBackup and store Server configuration files
  • ƒHost VCM on a local or remote physical server, virtual machine, or 3xLOGIC Cloud
Server-based VCM
Hosted VCM
Base Hosted VCM